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You are not the go-to person in your industry

And here's why…
  • Lack of media features and industry recognition.
  • Inconsistent and unengaging content.
  • Struggling to gain traction and attention.
  • Few strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Failing to communicate your unique value.
  • No clear path to build influence and credibility.

These 6 issues are the root causes of most failed businesses.

Don't believe me?

Answer this:

If Kim Kardashian or The Rock started a competing business today, would they outsell you?

You need a coach to help you build your brand, make an IMPACT, and grow your influence.

I'm Brian.

Brian Orr is a former international DJ turned business strategist who has spent years helping business owners unlock their potential and achieve massive growth.

Brian's expertise in branding and audience engagement has earned him features in international publications and media outlets, and secured working relationships with top brands like HBO, Armani, and Nintendo.

Today, as an investor and strategist, Brian provides personalized coaching, comprehensive courses, and impactful speaking engagements to help entrepreneurs make an IMPACT on their industry and their lives by becoming a person of influence.

Brian Orr Business Coach and Consultant

Bringing value to your audience 

Brian's stage presence has moved audiences in over a dozen countries.

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Over 30 media appearances and interviews 

Brian has shared his expertise in print, on TV and on leading podcasts alongside top entrepreneurs like Codie Sanchez, Alex Hormozi, and Elon Musk.


Level Up Your Influence

I write to bring you actionable insights and strategies to elevate your personal brand and boost your influence.

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